There is a chance you may have a case of mental illness in addition to your addiciton problem. The National Institute of Mental Health reports that 39% of addicts also have a mental health issue. That’s 4 in every 10 patients.

This is important for you to know for many reasons, one is that the National Brureau of Economic Research determined “when other factors are held constant, mental illness does increase use of addictive goods — relative to use by the overall population — by 20 percent for alcohol, 27 percent for cocaine, and 86 percent for cigarettes.”

People currently experiencing mental illness consume roughly:

  • 38% of all alcohol
  • 44% of all cocaine
  • 40% of all cigarettes

Including people who have ever had a mental illness, they consume roughly:

  • 69% of all alcohol
  • 84% of all cocaine
  • 68% of all cigarettes

Mental Health Issues Put You at Greater Risk

As substance use increases, a mental illness patient’s health is compromised and the amount they spend on substance use increases. Increased use and mental illness can perpetuate and increase the severity of addiction and mental illness. Often times substance use is a form of self medication for mental illness symptoms that is both destructive and potentially fatal.

If you have had mental ilness in your past, even as a child, you are at greater risk. It’s important you share your full mental health history with professionals who are helping you detox and recover.

Substance use disorder is itself a mental illness. If you have depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, or personality disorders, you need extra care to successfully treat your substance use.

Free Pre-screening Mental Health Tests

If you suspect you may have a mental health issue, you can take free prescreening tests online that help you determine if you shoul look into it further. There are many of these tests online. However, many are in place to funnel you into their specific care centers. To avoid this, you can find several non-profit sites that provide privacy and don’t try to sell you anything.

The following are reputable sites that offer free mental health screening tests.

Mental Health America provides tests free of charge and accept donation if you feel inclined to donate to them. They provide a host of individual tests for depression, anxiety, psychosis, bipolar, eating disorders, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), addiction, and more. Follow the following link to take some tests

Psycom offers a set of mental health tests, quizzes, self-assessments and screening tools for free. You can visit them here

Psychology Today has a free 20-minute mental health assessment you can take on their site at

If any of these tests indicate you may have a mental health issue, get a follow up evaluation by your current therapist or locate a reputable therapist near you. When considering all of your mental health needs, those professional helping you can do more to help you succeed on your road to recovery.

As trained therapists the team at Cache Valley Recovery can help you identify and treat your mental illness, or provide additional resources to get you the help you need. Call us at 435-799-3361.